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Americans for Fair Treatment equips and empowers Americans to receive fair treatment from government unions. Founded in 2014, Americans for Fair Treatment is a 501(c)3 nonprofit membership organization.

Americans for Fair Treatment was formed because many government workers are frustrated about being unfairly bound to a union they don’t support. In 22 states, you can’t get or keep a job in government services unless you pay union dues or fees. Many feel powerless if they don’t like how the union operates, what it negotiates in contracts, or how union leaders spend money in elections.

At Americans for Fair Treatment, we want to educate workers about their rights and give them a chance to change the rules unions live by, making them fair for all workers. We provide workers clear, simple instructions on how to opt-out of union membership, as unions rarely highlight this information. Also, Americans for Fair Treatment is a “legal service” organization, which means it can arrange for its members—whether they are workers or taxpayers—to mount litigation that challenges union practices under our organization’s banner. This Philadelphia case challenging “union leave”—the first one Americans for Free Treatment joined as a plaintiff—is one example.

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Whether you are a union member, fee payer, or simply a supporter of public employees, you can be a member of Americans for Fair Treatment. There is no fee and membership is confidential.

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