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Member Spotlight: Jayme Hollenbach


“Believe in you. No matter who says what to whom about you, it isn’t true until you believe it.”

AFFT member, Jayme Hollenbach

That’s what AFFT member Jayme Hollenbach of Lebanon County, Pa. tells his patients—and everyone else who wants to succeed in life. He works as a vocational adjustment counselor, helping patients at Wernersville State Hospital prepare for a variety of careers.

Now he’s living life to the fullest by helping Wernersville patients succeed. He’s also taking his own advice and learning some new skills of his own: most recently, picking up the hobby of home improvement. He started by putting in faux stone on his 15 ft. fireplace, then decided to go crazy and redo his whole kitchen!

If you’ve ever watched Fixer Upper, you know that removing a load-bearing wall or installing new cabinets—just two parts of Jayme’s new kitchen—is no joke. For Jayme, it all comes back to having confidence and being willing to learn.

We are so proud to have Jayme as part of the AFFT family!

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